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Featured Services

Crozer Brinton Lake encompasses three units in Glen Mills, PA: Crozer Medical Plaza, Crozer Health Pavilion, and Crozer Medical Plaza and Crozer-Keystone Cancer Center. These modern facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to support a wide variety of outpatient services, including:

Asthma and Allergy


Crozer-Keystone’s asthma specialists assist children and their families in the diagnosis, treatment and management of asthma.


Crozer-Keystone allergists help adults and children throughout Delaware County to diagnose, treat and manage seasonal, perennial or food allergies.

Cancer Care

The best cancer care sees you as a whole person and meets your needs for medical treatment, emotional support and physical comfort.The Crozer-Keystone Cancer Center houses multiple oncology practices, expanding services for area patients and building on the Fox Chase-Crozer-Keystone Partnership in cancer care; offering a comprehensive approach to cancer care, combining state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment with supportive care.


Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with heart disease or have a chronic heart condition, you want the highest level of cardiac care available. Fortunately, if you live in the area, one of the region’s elite programs is right in your backyard: Crozer-Keystone Cardiovascular Services.


An recognized diabetes program, the Center for Diabetes provides outpatient education for individuals with new onset or uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, or for those who desire intensive control. Our Certified Diabetes Educators include: a nurse, a registered dietician, a pharmacist, and an exercise physiologist, under the guidance of a medical director, will work with you to develop an educational plan to meet your specific needs.

Dialysis Access

The Dialysis Access Center at Brinton Lake is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art dialysis access services in a convenient setting. The Center features an experienced team that will work closely with patients to develop a plan of care surrounding their dialysis access while managing their access needs.


When it comes to diagnosing and treating treating conditions of the skin, nails and hair, you want a team of dedicated, experienced and compassionate physicians who can diagnose and treat your specific condition and stay laser-focused on your needs. Crozer-Keystone's board-certified dermatologists deliver all that and more.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Crozer-Keystone offers a full range services for the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat (ENT) disorders.


Crozer-Keystone endocrinologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and disorders of the thyroid, metabolism and endocrine system. The endocrine system consists of the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, pancreas, adrenal cortex, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands and gonads.


Sometimes extensive diagnostic evaluation is needed. This may include endoscopic procedures, imaging tests or laboratory procedures, which are conveniently located at Crozer Brinton Lake.

Family Medicine

From vaccinations and physicals to injuries and illnesses, Crozer-Keystone family medicine doctors provide friendly, compassionate care for every member of your family. Family medicine doctors treat patients of all ages, from infants and children to adults and seniors.


The board-certified physicians at Crozer-Keystone are trained in the latest technologies and procedures to comprehensively diagnose, manage and treat gastrointestinal and digestive conditions.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine at Crozer Medical Plaza at Brinton Lake incorporates conventional medical treatment options with complementary approaches that take into account a patient’s physical symptoms as well as psychological, social and spiritual aspects of their health and illness.

Internal Medicine

Crozer-Keystone internal medicine doctors, or internists, serve as trusted healthcare advisors, available to answer health-related questions, direct you to specialty providers and provide treatment and preventive care for common medical concerns.


Crozer-Keystone’s full-service laboratories offer the most up-to-date services and technologies, including blood specimen collection and testing. Our pathologists perform lab tests to help our doctors and specialists diagnose your condition and determine your best treatment plan. We utilize the latest technology to make a difference in diagnosing and providing the best patient care.

Lung and Respiratory Care

Crozer-Keystone's multi-disciplinary, experienced team of pulmonary and oncological physicians, nurses, technologists and rehabilitation specialists use the latest technologies to detect, diagnose and treat diseases of the lung.

Medical Imaging

Crozer-Keystone is Delaware County's leading choice for comprehensive outpatient medical imaging services. Our goal is to provide patients with a quality experience from start to finish at each of our locations. Most services have appointments available within 24 hours, and reports are available to referring physicians.


Our physicians have a diverse range of subspecialties, allowing us to serve the community with comprehensive neurological care. When necessary, the physicians also work closely with other specialists, including Crozer-Keystone's neurosurgeons, to provide the best possible patient care.


Crozer-Keystone's highly-skilled, board-certified ophthalmologists provide an array of eye care services, ranging from annual eye exams, to diagnosing and treating serious eye diseases to performing surgery.


Choose Crozer-Keystone to get you back in motion with a full spectrum of bone, joint and spine services. Our Premier/Crozer-Keystone Orthopedics Partnership gives you access to the largest orthopedics group in Pennsylvania, providing you with unmatched expertise and experience.

Pain Management

Chronic pain is often a multifaceted problem that requires input from more than one specialist. To provide the best and most comprehensive care, we use a multidisciplinary approach that coordinates services from Crozer-Keystone's skilled specialists and your primary care physician.


At Crozer-Keystone Health System, we know that children have a unique set of healthcare needs. That's why we offer a comprehensive array of services designed specifically for the care of newborns, children, adolescents and young adults.

Physical Therapy

Outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation is highly successful and many times prevents the need for a surgical procedure or medication. Crozer Brinton Lake offers the most complete and diverse range of physical therapy and rehabilitation services.


From treatment of foot and limb problems caused by diabetes to fitting patients with custom orthotics and performing delicate surgery, Crozer-Keystone's board-certified podiatrists provide services and perform procedures to give patients the best outcomes possible.


At Crozer-Keystone, we assess the patient as a whole person to make a thorough diagnosis and develop a complete care plan. In addition to quality treatment, our psychiatrists provide a supportive style of care - quiet, caring and completely confidential. We are prepared to deliver comprehensive physical and emotional diagnosis and treatment of a range of issues.


The Sleep Centers at Crozer Health Pavilion at Brinton Lake is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Accreditation assures patients that the Crozer-Keystone Sleep Center offer superior quality medical care.


At the Crozer-Keystone Surgery Center at Brinton Lake, our goal is to provide the best patient experience possible. Our convenient location, comfortable surroundings, personalized care and respect for everyone’s time are just a few of the things that make us truly excellent.


We offer complete diagnostic evaluation and comprehensive treatment options for problems related to the female pelvic floor, such as urinary incontinence or a dropped bladder.


Urologists provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the urinary tract in women and the urinary tract and reproductive organs in men.


Crozer-Keystone vascular surgeons provide diagnosis and a full range of treatments for patients with vascular disorders, from life-threatening emergencies to chronic disabling diseases.

Women's Health


With a commitment to women’s special health needs, Crozer-Keystone gynecologists offer skilled and compassionate care as well as an array of services and treatments for our female patients of all ages.


Each year, more than 3,700 babies are delivered at Crozer-Keystone Health System's hospitals. With an experienced, caring staff and the latest technology, you can rest easy knowing that you—and your new baby—are in good hands.