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The average cost of medications is $3,000, but can vary by about $1,500 (so usual range is from $3,000 to $4,500). The amount needed by each individual is different and most often influenced by age. Medications are generally ordered through mail order pharmacies to obtain the best price. Payment for medications is made directly to the pharmacy. Although we cannot provide a package price for the medications you require, we had recently negotiated for you a significantly discounted price of medications if you purchase the Multi-Cycle Packages Program.

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Psychological Support

We understand that matters surrounding your infertility treatment can certainly add to life’s customary, daily stressors. The Fertility Center provides highly trained mental health professionals to assist in coping with the pressures you might feel as a couple or merely as an individual.

As 15% or more of couples today face similar infertility challenges, you are not alone. Please contact one of our infertility counselors to assist in developing coping strategies and to explore the various resources available today.

David Goodwin, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
(610) 520-9313

Joan Fitzpatrick, Psy.D
Kelly Counseling and Consulting
(610) 358-2250


Some insurance carriers are covering IVF. Our office can assist you in determining your coverage and arranging pre-authorization if needed. This will allow direct billing of your IVF expenses to your insurance carrier. This must be done before treatment can be scheduled. The total billed to insurance will be more than the quoted package price above because of the high cost of billing. Be aware that if your insurance carrier does not participate with the HAN Fertility Center, you will be responsible for the portion of the fee that they don‘t cover.

Itemized Pricing

Itemized pricing is used for insurance carriers since they will not generally pay for services in advance. To calculate your estimate copays, use the estimated price of $9,120 to $14,500 for IVF. This would not include the cost of ICSI, medications or other advanced treatments such as PGD. Since insurance carriers and benefits vary greatly, we are not always able to provide an accurate estimate in advance due to the complexity of insurance plans. We are happy to help determine your benefits and help you to understand the most cost effective options available to you.

Income Taxes

Here is some helpful information that might help your financial situation. Many of the expenses incurred in this treatment may be tax deductible and information is available in IRS Publication 17 – “Your Federal Income Tax” and IRS Publication 502 “Medical and Dental Expenses.” Certain medical expenses may be deducted if you itemize on Schedule A (Form 1040). Deductions that apply to IVF are:

  • Fees for fertility enhancement (procedures such as in vitro fertilization, including temporary storage of eggs and sperm)
  • Fees for doctors and surgeons (sonograms, egg retrieval, anesthesia)
  • Fees for hospital services, laboratory, surgical, obstetrical, nursing and x-ray services (blood tests, sperm evaluation)
  • Cost of transportation for needed medical care (air fare, mileage -55 cents/mile for 2009- or out of pocket expenses -cost of gas, oil- not including general maintenance expenses)
  • Medical and hospital insurance premiums
  • Prescribed medicine (all IVF drugs)
  • Lodging necessary for medical treatment ($50/night per person – limited to two people – the person receiving treatment and a companion)
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