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  • Breastfeeding

    An overview of breastfeeding basics, including benefits, proper positioning and helpful tips. This class is perfect for expectant parents and their support team members.

  • Breathing & Relaxation Therapies for Labor

    This class helps prepare the expectant mom and her birth partner with breathing and relaxation techniques to use during labor.

  • Family & Friends CPR

    This CPR program is intended for expectant parents and grandparents, babysitters, or anyone caring for children.

  • Labor Preparation Overview

    This class is designed to help the expectant mom and her birth partner understand the process of labor and delivery, role of the support person, pain management options and the possibility of cesarean birth.

  • Maternity Tour

    The maternity tour provides an opportunity for expectant parents and their support team members to meet with a Childbirth Educator and tour the Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Units.

  • Newborn Basics

    This class introduces expectant parents and support team members to the world of caring for infants. The class covers early infant care, diapering, umbilical cord care, infant safety and other helpful information.

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