Preventive Medicine and Annual Checkups - -

Preventive Medicine and Annual Checkups

Annual CheckupMaking time for your routine checkup is extremely important for your overall health. The regular health exams and tests performed during routine checkups can help identify risk factors and problems before they start. Moreover, if they catch an issue early, there is a better chance that your treatment will be effective.

Crozer-Keystone Health System’s primary care providers encourage preventive medicine and work closely with you to acquire your needed preventive testing. Preventive visits will ensure you and your healthcare providers are informed about your health and will help you to stay happy and healthy.

No Appointment? No Problem.

Need a checkup but don’t have a regular primary care provider? Visit Crozer-Keystone urgent care clinic in Broomall or West Chester to get your regular checkup at your convenience – no appointment needed.

Women's Health

For women, an OB/GYN can be just as important to maintaining good health as an internal or family medicine provider. Regular preventive visits are essential and your OB/GYN will guide you through the tests and exams required at different points in your life.

Preventive Medicine at All Ages

Preventive Medicine in Your 40's

Preventive Medicine in Your 40'sWhen you turn 40, there are certain tests and screenings that you should start getting, or start getting more frequently.

Preventive Medicine in Your 50's

Preventive Medicine in Your 50'sWhen you turn 50, talk to your doctor about any tests you should start or continue having that can maintain your health and lengthen your life.

Preventive Medicine in Your 60's

Preventive Medicine in Your 60'sHere are some medical tests you should be sure to have done as you turn 60 years old.

Preventive Medicine if Your 65 or Older

Preventive Medicine if Your 65 or OlderAs you age, several medical tests become essential for monitoring your health and catching small medical issues before they become bigger problems.
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