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  • Upcoming Improvements to Hospitals and Facilities

Published on October 17, 2016

Upcoming Improvements to Hospitals and Facilities

In the video below, Patrick Gavin, Crozer-Keystone's CEO, provides a preview of some of the capital improvements to our hospitals and facilities that you can expect over the next year.

(If you are having difficulty playing this video, a complete transcription has been included below.)

Today, I’d like to talk briefly about the exciting future of the health system. Specifically, I want to give you a preview of some of the capital improvements to our hospitals and facilities that you can expect over the next year.

When we announced our relationship with Prospect Medical Holdings, we discussed its commitment to building and strengthening the health system. I’m proud to announce a few of the projects funded by Prospect that will help us grow and enhance our status as Delaware County’s premier healthcare provider. These projects include:

  • An extensive renovation and upgrade of the Taylor Hospital emergency department that will include its exterior and waiting room as well.
  • Enhancements to Delaware County Memorial Hospital include an upgrade to the hospital’s facade and a makeover of the 3 East Unit (Correction: There will be a makeover of the 3 Tower/Tele Unit at DCMH), similar to our recent upgrade of the 5 Oncology Unit.
  • A continuation of the “Extreme Makeover” renovation project at Crozer-Chester, highlighted by an overhaul of our maternity unit and also the fourth floor ICU, elevator lobbies and waiting rooms.
  • Continued upgrades to our Crozer-Keystone Health Network practices. We just opened an attractive office in Havertown, and are working on a new site in Aston, as well. We will also be updating computers, chairs and carpeting throughout all of the existing CKHN sites.

In addition, we are going to replace and upgrade more than three million dollars in medical equipment throughout the health system. This includes a broad range of equipment that is used by physicians, nurses and other clinicians every day to care for our patients.

Finally, we will enhance the security measures taken at each of our hospitals. Acknowledging that we live in challenging times, and responding to your requests, we will introduce metal detectors in all of our emergency departments. This follows our successful trial at Crozer-Chester.

We also plan to implement new methods for greeting and badging visitors, similar to the procedures taken at other hospitals throughout the country. We will begin this process at Crozer-Chester and then roll it out to the entire health system.

These are just a few of the projects that you can expect to see in the next year. Look for more information about all of these projects and more to come.

As always, thank you for everything you do for our patients each and every day.

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