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Welcome to the Crozer-Keystone Health System Medical Staff portal, your source for easy, convenient access to online tools and resources.

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At Crozer-Keystone influenza vaccination is mandatory for all employees and all active staff physicians, advanced healthcare professionals and contracted clinical personnel who practice in Crozer-Keystone facilities.

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Online Tools

Online ToolsQuick access to CKHS' physician online tools, including DocLink, medical databases and more.

Job Opportunities

Job OpportunitiesA complete listing of employment opportunities for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

For Your Patients

For Your PatientsComplete reference information for your patients, including health information, visitor informatoin, facility information and how to request an appointment.

Patient Transfer Center

Patient Transfer CenterCrozer-Keystone's Transfer Center is a centralized, streamlined system to help medical professionals quickly and efficiently transfer patients to hospitals within the health system.

ICD-10 Resource Center

ICD-10 Resource CenterCrozer-Keystone’s source for news, updates and information as we transition to the ICD-10 medical coding system.

CDC Vaccine Information Statements

CDC Vaccine Information StatementsStandardized information sheets that objectively communicates the benefits and possible adverse reactions to a multitude of vaccines.

Ask Pat

Ask PatSend a message to Patrick Gavin, CEO of Crozer-Keystone Health System.

Physician Information

Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education live course information at Crozer, DCMH, Springfield, Taylor; Online CME courses; Risk Management CME; and Special CME Events.

Dictation System

Directions for the new CKHS dictation system. If you need assistance on weekdays, call 610-447-2368; other times, call 610-447-2610.

Medical Imaging

Imaging tests, contact information and online appointment form for 24/7 access to imaging appointments.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory contact information, locations and hours of operation.


Pharmacy drug alerts, fast facts, CKHS Pharmacy News, pharmacy links and more.

Physician Liaisons

Our Physician Liaisons are at your service to assist you and keep you informed about Crozer-Keystone's services. Call 610-447-2321 for more information.

Direct Patient Admissions

Patient Flow Coordinators at each hospital stand ready to help ease the admissions process for your patients.

Observation Services

Tips sheets and quick reference guides for physicians

Additional Information

Influenza Vaccination Notice

At Crozer-Keystone influenza vaccination is mandatory for all employees and all active staff physicians, advanced healthcare professionals and contracted clinical personnel who practice in Crozer-Keystone facilities. Please read the complete message here.

Road to Wellness: What It Means for Physicians and their Crozer-Keystone Employee Patients

Please read an important message from Joan Richards, Crozer-Keystone Health System President and Chief Executive Officer, concerning our Road to Wellness Program and your patients who are CKHS employees with one of our CHOICES medical plans. View message here.

All CKHS Physicians: Pain Management Tutorial Requirement

Pain Management CME Tutorial

Analgesic Therapy: Safe and Effective Pain Management

All Crozer-Keystone Health System physicians are required to complete this enduring material exercise. The instructions, exercise and quiz can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Access Tutorial Here

Questions? Contact the Crozer CME office at 610-447-2739 or email: [email protected].

CKHS Has Implemented Electronic Data Management (EDM)

The Health Information Management Department (Medical Records) staff scans all handwritten forms — including progress notes, orders and nursing documentation — into the EDM repository after each patient’s discharge. Any electronic current-based results will be combined with the scanned images to form the hospital legal medical record.

What This Means for Physicians

Physicians will be able to electronically complete and edit medical records remotely. Physicians will also be required to review and sign off on records electronically.

If you have questions, call:

Crozer: 610-447-2363 (15-2363), 610-447-2364 (15-2364) or 610-447-2370 (15-2370)

DCMH: 610-284-8270 (12-8270)

Springfield: 610-328-8042 (16-8042) or 610-328-8909 (16-8909)

Taylor: 610-595-6719 (19-6719)

Download and Post the Flyer:

Download EDM announcement.

Electronic Medical Record Completion Using EDM

Learn about electronic medical record completion using EDM by viewing this tutorial. Note that it does not include sound.

Access the tutorial here.

Viewing the eMar in eCare Tutorial

Access the narrated tutorial in either Windows Media Player or PowerPoint below to learn about Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMar) and Patient Care Documentation in eCare. Please note: The data in the tutorial is for demonstration purposes only and does not reflect any real patient experience.

Access tutorial here. (Windows Media Player)


Access tutorial here. (PowerPoint)

Listening to the Tutorial in PowerPoint: To listen to the tutorial using PowerPoint, click 'Slide Show' in the top Tool Bar then click 'From Beginning' at the far left of the tool bar.

eCare Viewing Reference Card

Need a handy reference card for instructions on how to view patient results and more? Access our eCare Viewing reference here.

For Crozer-Keystone Health Network Physicians, Open Positions

Learn more about the physicians of the Crozer-Keystone Health Network and find .


DocLink is your portal to patient information from your office, hospital and home with a single sign on. If you have a DocLink signon and password, please click on the link below.

With DocLink, you can easily access:

  • eCare, NetAccess, PACS, CKHN EMR and Community EMR.
  • The CKHS Clinician Intranet page with links to Lexi-Comp, UpToDate, documents and important news.

Find detailed information on the many applications available to you in DocLink.


: Crozer-Keystone Health System’s Web interface to the Lifetime Clinical Record.
  • Includes all lab, radiology, and pathology reports over a patient’s span of care at Crozer-Keystone Health System are available.
  • eCare/NetAccess requires the use of a token to log in.

If you have an eCare/NetAccess signon and password, click on the eCare/NetAccess link above. If you do not have an eCare/NetAccess signon and password, please call 610-447-2610 or email us at [email protected]. Please note that if you have a DocLink signon and password, you can access eCare/NetAccess without the need for obtaining a second signon and password.

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