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Bargaining Facts

Information About Ongoing Union Negotiations

Updated Mar. 6, 2017

Delaware County Memorial Hospital continued to deliver high-quality patient care on the first day of a strike by the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Health Professionals (PASNAP) on March 5. Patients and their loved ones can be assured that DCMH is fully staffed with licensed, certified, experienced, and highly trained nurses and techs.

Surveyors from the Pennsylvania Department of Health visited DCMH, as required during a work action, to closely observe the care being rendered. They reported that the hospital continues to provide quality care. DOH representatives will conduct daily monitoring visits throughout the strike. 

Additionally, it was a very busy day at the hospital. From our emergency department to our critical care units, the hospital cared for a high volume of patients. We deeply appreciate the confidence our community continues to place in us despite the negative PR efforts of PASNAP.

The union is giving the impression that DCMH has chosen to lock out strikers. The union knows that this is untrue and is saying this in order to put DCMH in a negative light. Under federal labor law, even after strikers have offered to return to work, there may be a delay in their return if a staffing agency has imposed a minimum as is the case here.  The National Labor Relations Board does not consider such a delay in return to work to be a lockout. The only reason that some strikers will continue to be out of work until Friday is that a staffing agency has imposed a five-day minimum as a condition of providing replacements. Strikers who have made an unconditional offer to return to work will be permitted to return as soon as there is a need for their services.

In the meantime, we urge PASNAP to return to the bargaining table and bargain with us in good faith.

Open & Ready to Welcome You

Delaware County Memorial Hospital will be open and fully staffed with dedicated doctors, caregivers, support staff, and licensed, certified, experienced, and well-trained nurses and technical employees throughout the duration of any strike.

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Outstanding Pay. Excellent Benefits.

Curious how the compensation for nurses at Delaware County Memorial Hospital compares to other local professionals?

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Our Community Is Not Fooled

The Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals (PASNAP) says its strike at Delaware County Memorial Hospital is about staffing levels. Our community knows better.

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