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Published on October 03, 2017

Crozer-Keystone Recognizes Employees of Quarter

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  • Rebecca Wright (center)  is congratulated by her team at Crozer-Keystone at Broomall (from left) Tony DiBartolo, Director of Human Resources;  Trudy Mazzone, Senior Administrative Director; Deborah Dougherty, CRNP; Nicole Froio, Manager of Urgent Care; Joelle McManus, Manager of Diagnostic Imaging and Nyeema Ridgeway, MA.
  • Steve Alexander (center)  is congratulated by Michael Curran, President of Crozer-Chester Medical Center, and the Crozer Burn Center team (from left) Cindy Hoffman, Nutritionist; Wendy Dargay, Recreational Therapist; Denise Funk, RN; Natalie Pizzo, RN; Renee Wiggins, PCS; Tony DiBartolo, Director of Human Resources; Kim Stockton, PCT; Kris Egan, Burn Center Coordinator; Heather Heleniak, RN; Kathy Hall, PCS; Megan Stair-Buchman, RN, Research Nurse; Cynthia Reigart, MSN, Clinical Director and BethAnn McClure, RN.
  • Raneisha Rice (center)  is congratulated by her team at Community Hospital (from left) Allyson Sproul, Service Coordinator for the Methadone Program; David Moran, Director of Drug and Alcohol Services; Stacie Nawn, Service Director for Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Services and Monique Poindexter, Office Coordinator for Drug and Alcohol Services.
  • Laura Mrazik (center) is congratulated by her team at Delaware County Memorial Hospital (from left) Tom Shull, Human Resources; Bob Rossi, Pharmacy manager Taylor Hospital, Delaware County Memorial Hospital, Springfield Hospital; and Kathy Manuel, director of nursing, Delaware County Memorial Hospital.
  • Deddeh Yahntown (center) is congratulated by her team at Rejuvenations (from left) Ashik Ansar, MD, Psychiatrist, PhD,  Medical Director; Danielle Burke, Dietician; Nena Martin-Berry, RN; Benjamin Wuor, PCT; Deborah Jackson, Clinical Director; Tony DiBartolo, Director of Human Resources; Trina Smith, LPN; Angel Scott, PCT; Andrya Platt, PCT; Maureen Laraia, RN;  DeShanta Campbell, LPN and Mabinty Kamara, RN.
  • Marybeth Genna (center) is congratulated by Gwen Smith, President of Springfield Hospital and the Emergency Department team (from left) Christina Camacho, Executive Secretary Springfield Hospital Administration/Human Resources; Shavonne Southerland, Clinical Director of Nursing, Springfield Hospital Emergency Department and ACC; Tony DiBartolo, Director of Human Resources; Da’shana Campbell, Student, Springfield Hospital Dietary; Christine Mendez, Senior Administrative Director of Nursing Services, Taylor Hospital and Springfield Hospital; John Kennedy, RN/Paramedic.
  • Judy Barlow (center) is congratulated by Joe Rafferty, President of Taylor Hospital and the Nursing Department (2 East) team (from left) Allison Marcy RN; Edie Ball PCS; Christine Maiorano, RN, Clinical Nurse Director; Darlene Handy, PCS; Christine Mendez, RN, Senior Admin. Director; Betsy Kelly, PCS; Josephine Affaine, RN; Talahya Jay, RN and Joy Byerley-Pedrick, RN.
  • Kerri Gerhart (center) is congratulated by her team at Haverford Surgery Center (from left) Sue DeMarco, RN; Terry Sweeney, RN; Donna Milligan, RN; Marie Rodgers-Registrar, RN; Tracy Scota, RN, Administrator; Eileen Yori, RN; Bunny Sweeney, RN; Lisa Krouse, RN and Carol Furman, RN.
  • Gina Ripley (center) is congratulated by her Neurology team at Crozer-Chester Medical Center (from left) Ed Garrity, Administrative Director; Trina Barnes, MR; Taychelle Taylor, MA; Phyllis Jackson, PA-C; Diane Clark, Customer Service; Tiara Johnson, MA; Shelly Brown, Billing Coordinator; Tracy Johnson, Lead MA and Helen Kosh, Customer Service.

Crozer-Keystone Health System recently acknowledged nine employees with Employee of the Quarter awards in gratitude for their dedication and service. Recipients of the award received a framed certificate recognizing the accomplishment along with a $100 check.

  • Deddeh Yahntown of Upper Darby is a charge nurse at Rejuvenations at Fair Acres in Media. A co-worker commented, “Deddeh is a knowledgeable, caring and compassionate employee. She is very detailed-oriented and someone we can always count on to work as a complete team player.”
  • Laura Mrazik of Lansdowne is a pharmacist at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Drexel Hill. “Laura is kind, caring and always goes above and beyond the scope of pharmacy to help others,” said a colleague.
  • Judy Barlow of Glen Mills is a patient care secretary in the Nursing Department (2 East) at Taylor Hospital in Ridley Park. A co-worker commented, “Judy supports her fellow nurses. She is pleasant, kind and accommodating to our patients and their families. Judy is a lovely person, a hard worker and a soothing presence whenever she is on board.”
  • Kerri Gerhart of Havertown is a registered nurse at The Crozer-Keystone Surgery Center at Haverford. “Keri is friendly and accommodating to patients and staff alike. She is knowledgeable in various areas and always willing to help whenever and wherever she can,” said a colleague.
  • Raneisha Rice of Chester is a secretary specialist in the Methadone Department at Community Hospital in Chester. A co-worker commented, “Raneisha always conducts herself in a positive and professional manner. She is extremely respectful and always on point – Raneisha is an asset to our team.”
  • Rebecca Wright of Upper Darby is a medical assistant at CK Urgent Care at Broomall. A co-worker commented, “Rebecca works as a team player on a daily basis. She has remained positive and searched for solutions during times of staffing complications. Rebecca works to make internal processes more efficient - both clinically and clerically - and always makes herself available to help her coworkers.”
  • Marybeth Genna of Havertown is a registered nurse in the Emergency Department at Springfield Hospital in Springfield. “Marybeth always has a smile on her face and is delightful to work with. The ER is usually very busy, and we can always count on Marybeth to help wherever and whenever she can,” raved a co-worker.
  • Steve Alexander of Bear, Del. is a burn tech in the Nathan Speare Regional Burn Treatment Center at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland. A co-worker commented, “Steve goes above and beyond his job responsibilities and is very dedicated to his co-workers and our burn patients.”
  • Gina Ripley of Wallingford is a lead medical assistant/medical receptionist within the Crozer-Keystone Health Network. “Gina is a team player and goes above and beyond for her co-workers and patients. She has a positive attitude and is able to remain professional and calm during difficult situations. Gina's hard work and dedication to the department is both admirable and appreciated,” raved a co-worker.

About the Employee of the Quarter

Non-management Crozer-Keystone employees from all hospital sites, outpatient services sites, and Crozer-Keystone Health Network Offices are eligible for the Employee of the Quarter Award. The award recognizes those employees who day in and day out serve as a wonderful example for their co-workers in one or more of the following ways:

  • Providing High-Quality Patient Care
  • Consistently Delivering Outstanding Performance
  • Attaining Outstanding Achievement
  • Exemplifying the Standards of Performance
  • Being a Loyal Employee

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