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CarePayment Payment Assistance

In an effort to ensure that patients receive care when they need it and without financial concerns standing in the way, Crozer-Keystone has partnered with CarePayment, a national healthcare finance company, to offer its patients a new, affordable payment option to help them manage their medical expenses. 

This helps patients to get the care they need, when they need it, while protecting the financial stability of provider organizations so that they can continue to offer health care to the community.

The CarePayment program is a complimentary service available to Crozer-Keystone patients, and participation is completely voluntary.

How Does a CarePayment Account Work?

With a CarePayment account, a patient can pay off his or her medical expenses in manageable monthly payments over an extended term of up to 25 months — at a 0 percent annual percentage rate (APR). The APR will remain the same as long as the CarePayment account is open, as it is not an introductory or promotional rate. Payments are low monthly installments of 4 percent of the highest total balance or $25 per month, whichever is greater. Since the CarePayment account is a revolving line of credit, patients may choose to add future charges for healthcare services provided by Crozer-Keystone to the account; new charges will also receive a zero percent APR and additional time to pay off the new balance. All charges are consolidated into one easy-to-read monthly statement as long as the CarePayment account is in good standing.

How Can a Patient Sign Up?

There is no application, no cost to participate and no credit approval process to activate a CarePayment account. Activating a CarePayment account is as simple as making the first payment by mail, phone or online. Families may be able to merge charges under a single account with one monthly payment. It is easy to manage the secure CarePayment account online; options are available to set contact preferences, review balance and transaction histories, set up automatic monthly payments, go paperless or make a one-time payment at any time.

To request a CarePayment account, contact a financial counselor at any Crozer-Keystone hospital:

  • Crozer-Chester Medical Center: 610-447-2336
  • Delaware County Memorial Hospital: 610-394-1720
  • Springfield Hospital: 610-328-8758
  • Taylor Hospital: 610-595-6101
  • Community Hospital: 610-447-2336

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