Crozer-Keystone Technology Initiatives Improve Quality - -

Crozer-Keystone Technology Initiatives Improve Quality

Making Medical Care Easier - and Better Coordinated

Many patients take multiple medications, are affected by several medical conditions, or have complex medical histories. Keeping track of information across providers and through the years is a challenge. Using technology effectively can help make medical treatment smarter and better coordinated – and easier for the patient. 

That’s why Crozer-Keystone Health System has invested in a series of technology initiatives designed to make patient care more efficient, more effective, and – most important – safer. Our facilities are currently using systems such as:

  • An advanced electronic medical record system
  • Centralized medication distribution
  • An automated system for medication administration quality control
  • Secure online access to clinical information such as medical imaging files, lab results, and other care data
  • Electronic document management to “digitize the chart” 

How Smart Systems Help Deliver Greater Care

Each of these systems help our staff streamline care and improve quality. For instance, nurses use bar codes and scanners to ensure every patient gets the right medication and the right dose, at the right time. That makes medication more effective, and prevents errors that could impact care. 

The medication administration system is also integrated with our online system that captures patient information such as vital signs, pain assessment, and other data. Doctors and nurses can all access the same information online – so patients don’t get unnecessary procedures or tests. 

While the primary focus is patient safety and quality care, these systems also help control costs, as they help Crozer-Keystone standardize care and implement best practices.



What Smart Systems Mean for You

  • Avoiding duplicate diagnostic services
  • Receiving better coordinated, higher quality care
  • Getting accurate diagnoses and the right treatment and medication faster
  • Preventing drug interactions and allergic reactions
  • Having accurate and complete medical records to support future care

Patient Portals

Crozer-Keystone patient portals make it easy for patients to securely access their inpatient and outpatient results and also view and pay bills online.

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