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Community Outreach

Crozer-Keystone's Trauma Unit offers several community outreach programs for kids, seniors and healthcare professionals.

For Youth

For children and teenagers, the Trauma Center offers public outreach and education programs focusing on trauma prevention, including bicycle safety, playground safety and seatbelt safety. Crozer professionals reach adolescents by attending dozens of community health fairs each year as well as providing specially scheduled programs at schools. Crozer’s Trauma Prevention Committee also developed the Counter Act Random Acts of Violence Now (CARAVN) program to sensitize young people to violent behavior and its consequences. CARAVN is offered to students throughout the Chester-Upland School District, Ridley High School and other schools. It is also a mandatory part of the Consent Decree Program for first-time offenders in the Delaware County Juvenile Probation Department. 

For Adults and Seniors  

The Crozer Regional Trauma Center plays an active role in the senior community. Crozer physicians and other professionals present a range of programs at local senior centers, focusing on a range of topics, including domestic violence and home safety. The Trauma Center also formed a Geriatric Task Force to create guidelines for treating geriatric trauma patients. In addition, the Trauma Center works closely with other Crozer-Keystone Health System programs devoted to seniors. These initiatives include the Senior Wellness Program, which coordinates such offerings as the Geriatric Evaluation and Management program and the Senior Support Line, which seniors and their loved ones can call to be connected to various community services; and a Fall Risk Assessment and Intervention Program coordinated by the health system’s Physical Medical and Rehabilitation Department. 

For Healthcare Professionals  

The Crozer Regional Trauma Center serves as an educational resource for other emergency medicine and trauma professionals in the region. The Trauma Center conducts an annual adult and pediatric symposium for healthcare professionals in the community, from physicians to social workers. The Trauma Center participates in frequent continuing education programs specifically geared for emergency medical services professionals. Trauma Center professionals also provide periodic educational sessions about various topics for medical students and working professionals. These sessions are provided both at Crozer and in the community. 

For more information about outreach programs coordinated by the Crozer Regional Trauma Center, contact Debra Lillback at 610-447-6091.

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