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LGBT Reproductive Services

Recognizing that the desire to parent is not restricted by gender preference, HAN Fertility Center has established the LGBT Reproductive Center. We have been offering high quality, state-of-the-art fertility services to lesbian couples for more than two decades. With the recent addition of the gestational carrier program, combined with an existing, aggressive donor oocyte program we are pleased to offer fertility services to gay and or/transgender male couples or singles.

Our vision for the LGBT Reproductive Center is to provide an alternative to adoption that is state-of-the-art, successful and financially affordable. We strive to accommodate all of our patients and are committed to providing a supportive atmosphere for our LGBT community.

The LGBT Reproductive Center offers the following services:

  • Anonymous Donor Sperm Insemination: Lesbian couples will be provided with a number of accredited sperm banks with numerous options to choose commercially available donor specimens for ovulation induction with artificial insemination.
  • In Vitro Fertilization – Embryo Transfer: Lesbian couples requiring higher order technology to achieve pregnancy may opt to undergo controlled ovarian stimulation for IVF-ET with anonymous donor insemination. Multiple packages for IVF-ET are currently available to assist in providing affordable, quality reproductive care.
  • Donor Oocyte IVF-ET Cycles: Couples in need of donor oocytes for starting or expanding their family will have an option to select from a fresh cycle donor or frozen oocytes for a thawed cycle for IVF-ET.
  • Gestational Carrier Program: couples in need of gestational carrier/IVF-ET program will have an option to select from a commercial gestational carrier program or known carrier, with complete testing, to start or expand their family.
  • Counseling: Pre-cycle counseling for all HAN Fertility patients regardless of marital status and sexual preference is required. We offer the services of two local counselors specializing in the issues surrounding infertility, fertility treatment and the unique issues surrounding single or same sex parenting.
  • Andrology: An on-site, full-service andrology laboratory is available to meet the needs of our male patients.

Dedicated hours for LGBT appointments, if requested, to provide support and additional anonymity if desired.

Note: These services are standard of care procedures offered to singles and partnered or married couples regardless of sexual orientation.

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