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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehab, Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist

Cardiac rehabilitation is a structured, monitored program that aims to increase physical fitness and strengthen the heart’s tolerance for exercise. For those patients who have suffered a heart attack or are recovering from:

Working with You

The cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to reduce symptoms, increase activity and help you make informed lifestyle choices to improve their health. We emphasize a collaborative approach, encouraging patients to participate in improving their health

Our dedicated rehabilitation staff members supervise each patient’s session — including monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac rhythm and oxygen saturation as needed. The care team is comprised of physicians and registered nurses specializing in cardiac rehabilitation.

Patients participating in the cardiac rehabilitation program can expect to:

  • Become physically stronger
  • Improve nutrition
  • Better understand their disease and treatment
  • Understand their risk for further health problems
  • Increase participation in the activities of daily living

How does cardiac rehabilitation work?

Cardiac rehabilitation combines exercise training and education to help you return to your normal routine and maintain heart health. The program features closely supervised, individualized exercise programs; telemetry-monitoring; one-to-one education and counseling on risk-factor reduction. Cardiovascular exercise and resistance training strengthens muscles; improves heart function and increases stamina and endurance.

Cardiac rehabilitation requires a referral from a physician. Talk to your physician to determine if you can benefit from cardiac rehabilitation. Cardiac rehabilitation services are covered by most insurance plans and by Medicare.

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