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Urgent Care With X-Ray

Walk In - No Appointment Needed

Urgent Care with X Ray, Urgent Care X RayIf you or a family member experience a minor trauma or injury, your doctor may need an X-ray to determine the extent of the injury. Crozer-Keystone’s urgent care clinics in Broomall and West Chester feature on-site X-ray. Your results can be quickly interpreted during your visit and copies of your X-rays can be sent to your primary care provider or other specialists.

General diagnostic X-ray uses radiation to produce pictures of the various bones in the body. Standard X-rays are performed for many reasons, including bone injuries/fractures.

Additional Medical Imaging Services

If you require more extensive radiology services, urgent care clinics are conveniently located near Crozer-Keystone’s comprehensive medical imaging facilities. CK Urgent Care at Broomall is just down the hall from Broomall Imaging and Pioneer Urgent Care is less than two miles from Brinton Lake Imaging.